Re: Getting attention from kids
    Jennifer S./KS

    On 1/10/16, Joyce wrote:
    > I am a kindergarten teacher (children from 3 to 5) who's
    > been facing troubles to get them attention. I feel they
    > don't give me any respect, since they start chatting as
    > soon as I come to the class. Some of them turn back and
    > just don't care about the class. I am very disappointed!
    > When I taught adults and teens a few years ago it was
    > totally different! They loved my classes! Now, with the
    > youngers I am considering to give up! Could anyone
    > advise me with some tips to make the children pay
    > attention and enjoy the classes?

    I use a couple of different "attention getters" - keeps them
    on their toes. One is a battery operated doorbell I got at
    Walmart & when it bings they know to give me "hands &
    eyes". It works brilliantly. I also use "call & response"
    phrases from Whole Brain Teaching. If you "Google" it you
    should be able to find them (ex: Me - Oh class; Students -
    Oh yes). It too works wonders, especially on the fly.

    I hope these ideas give you a little help.

    Good luck - little ones can be a challenge!

    Jennifer S./KS