Re: Possible Move

    On 2/17/16, Beth wrote:
    > Thank you for the information on the D.C. area! I come from
    > area where we have the four seasons, or something similar
    > would like to keep that. I don't want to live in a big city,
    > but am also looking to find someone and start a family so
    > having a fairly good sized city would be great. Also, we don't
    > have much diversity in my home state. So I would like an
    > that has more diversity simply so that I can become a more
    > rounded individual. I don't have an early childhood
    > but have taught Kindergarten the last three years and would
    > like to stay within the K-2 possibly 3rd grade area. Again,
    > thank you for taking the time to answer me!
    > On 2/16/16, Flacka wrote:
    >> It sounds like you have given this some thought and are
    >> ready to try something new. We just retired and went
    >> through a similar process only we didn't need to worry
    >> jobs.
    >> If you are open to going anywhere, what part of the country
    >> would you like to call home? Do you want to be within
    >> driving distance of your family or are you OK with flying
    >> home to see them for the holidays? Do you want to be in or
    >> near a city, small town, or "out in the country"? How much
    >> does the climate play into your decision? Do you have
    >> friends or family that you would like to be near?
    >> There are many areas of the country where teaching jobs
    >> hard to come by and other places where they have a
    >> shortage of teachers. I live near Washington DC and it's an
    >> area that is growing and transient because of the military,
    > so
    >> there are lots of teaching and no- teaching jobs. Most
    >> everyone is from someplace else originally and there are 3
    >> airports. On the other hand, it's expensive to live here and
    >> the traffic is some of the worst in the country. The winters
    >> are milder than the Dakotas and when it snows or is icy,
    >> everything pretty much shuts down (like today).
    >> DC has a mix of public, private, and a lot of charter
    > schools.
    >> They struggle with the issues of a large urban population,
    >> Maryland is a CCSS state and Virginia is not. Virginia is, in
    >> general less expensive to live and where many young
    >> live. The school divisions (districts) cover the whole county
    >> as there are few cities in Virginia.
    >> Good luck with your decision!
    >> On 2/15/16, Beth wrote:
    >>> Hello All,
    >>> I have lived in the state of South Dakota all my life,
    >>> and when I graduated from college I was hired in my
    >>> hometown. I told myself after three years I would be brave
    >>> and move. However, I am at a crossroads and where to
    >> go. I
    >>> know that my window is closing as far as applying;
    >> however,
    >>> I don't just want to throw applications out like they are
    >>> dandelion seeds. If you are able to share any thoughts or
    >>> suggestions on your states and districts, it would greatly
    >>> be appreciated. Thank you!