Re: What This HS Teacher Learned from Elem Grade Teachers
    retired K teacher

    Elementary teachers, and kindergarten teachers and particular, have
    been treated much the same as a battered woman. We are told that
    we don't add value (i.e.: worthless), have little to offer, aren't
    intelligent (how hard is it to play all day) and basically, have nothing
    to offer. At the same time we are being beaten down we must give
    the opposite message to our little ones - they important, valued,
    and have much to offer. We help them learn social skills, school
    skills and life skills. After all, they don't just show up in high school
    knowing how to read, write, be respectful, and caring and they had
    to learn it somewhere.

    After parents, we have one of the hardest jobs - molding the future
    of our society.

    On 3/02/16, jade wrote:
    > On 3/02/16, Teachers.Net Gazette wrote:
    >> Elementary school teachers teach me a great deal.
    > Some of my
    >> normal classroom routines come directly from
    > [elementary
    >> level teachers]; they all have their roots in
    > elementary
    >> school classrooms.