Re: I took "Spring Break" too literally!

    On 4/03/16, K.Fair wrote:
    > Yes, here I am at the end of Spring Break, with a splint
    > my hand due to a fall at the beginning of my week off!

    (Raising right arm gingerly) Been there, done that -- just
    last summer! I broke my right elbow late last July, and it
    was a rather rocky start to the school year. I was moving
    into a new classroom for me (same grade level, different
    room), and of course nothing was ready for me.

    Enlist help. Your students will probably LOVE to help you
    in whatever they can. Have parents worry about the walls,
    etc., you should not try to hang the student work, anchor
    charts, or anything else on the wall.

    Be prepared to take off school for orthopedic appointments.
    Have a set of sub plans ready to go, and/or make sure your
    SubTub or notebook (or both) are always loaded. Your
    experience may be different, but it seemed that the latest
    ortho appointments that I could get were always at 3:00,
    and I had to drive 45 minutes to get there - so it was a
    half-day sub. Then there was physical therapy - another
    ball game entirely -

    Good luck, and holler back for any more specifics.