Re: Report card ratings

    Call me old school, but I think E,S,N,and U clearly tell
    parents where their children stand concerning grades and
    progress. E=Excellent, S= Satisfactory, N= Needs improvement,
    but is progressing, and U= Unsatisfactory, progressing very
    slowly or not at all. I never had a parent not understand
    this grading method. IMHO, when we get to "fancy" with the
    grade labeling, we confuse parents.

    On 5/08/16, Lisa wrote:
    > HI. Our County is revising our elementary report cards.
    > Does anyone have a rating scale that they love? We currently
    > use PINT (proficient, in process, needs development, and to
    > be taught). I saw the proposed scale which includes D,S,M,
    > P (distinguished, strong, marginal, progressive). I have
    > been told this won't change but when I look up the
    > definitions in the dictionary, marginal is NOT better than
    > progressing. Can anyone share what they use in their county
    > ?