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Years ago, you used to see 30 or 40 posts daily on this K chatboard. Now you'd be lucky to see ten in a month. I wonder what happened?
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DonnaR/CA On 5/20/16, retired K teacher wrote: > This has happened to Tnet in general - it used to be so active and > now it's pretty much dormant. I'm sure it's a combination of > things - testing, push down curriculum, little freedom in how you > teach etc. Teachers are becoming robots who collect data.

I think it's also blogs, Faceboo...See More
May 21, 2016
Jessie I feel that excessive testing, data collecting, and teaching to the test have sucked the joy of learning and teaching from teachers ( and students!). In past years, this board was usually a place to come to for sharing ideas, creating "fun", age-appropriate lessons and activities, and sharing discipline techniques. Now, the main concern i...See More
May 21, 2016

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