Re: Whatever happend to our chatboard??

    On 5/20/16, retired K teacher wrote:
    > This has happened to Tnet in general - it used to be so
    active and
    > now it's pretty much dormant. I'm sure it's a combination
    > things - testing, push down curriculum, little freedom in
    how you
    > teach etc. Teachers are becoming robots who collect data.

    I think it's also blogs, Facebook, and Pinterest, that have
    affected T-net. There are a lot of Kinder blogs out there,
    many of them have Facebook pages, and of course there's
    Pinterest for getting actual photos for ideas.

    The above ideas all have merit, too. I am thankful that my
    school district isn't one to expect every teacher on a grade
    level to be on page X, sentence X, at a given time. We are
    still given a little leeway. But I am still expected to test
    my kinders, present the data, and that "every child should
    have mastered the skills" by the end of the year. Bah,
    humbug, we all know that some kinders are just not
    developmentally ready!

    Speaking of testing....yesterday, one came near to tears. "I
    don't want to do this." I patiently explained to him that we
    don't always want to do certain thinga in life, but there are
    some things we have to do. "But this is boring!" He was
    trying to take the mouse and make it play a game -- in the
    MAPs test for Math. Sorry, buddy, this isn't a game, it's
    some of the more serious stuff in life. "But I don't want to
    do this!" I bit back the urge to tell him that I didn't want
    to listen to him whine, either, but I have to. This is a
    child whose mother decided to enter him in kindergarten in
    February -- when she should have waited until fall -- but she
    didn't want to pay for babysitting when she went back to
    work. So I end up picking up the pieces of what this child
    does NOT know. Fortunately, he's considered a "TK" in Calif.,
    and will do another year of kinder. No way would I let this
    child go to first grade.