Re: Kinder Celebration

    On 6/09/16, DonnaR/CA wrote:
    > One of the three K teachers did a "Kinder-bration" on the
    > last day of school, and now the principal is trying to get
    > us other 2 to do it too. Her attitude is "All or none."
    > I have very mixed emotions about it, most of them
    > So I thought I'd ask here -- who does something on the
    > day of school to celebrate the end of Kinder? What do you
    > do? How do you get the parents to not call it a graduation
    > or promotion (which should be saved, IMHO, for end of
    > elementary promotion, 8th grade promotion and HS
    > graduation)?

    We do have a "Celebration" on the last day of school. 8
    years ago when we finally got public Kindergarten at our
    school, I had parents who were sad that we hadn't done a
    Christmas program. So this was our way of getting the kids
    on the stage. Our school has move-up day on the last day.
    This meant that our 3 sessions of K (2 a.m., 1 p.m.) would be
    participating. Our celebration solved two problems! We
    gather all of the kids for the 1st half hour, they go to visit
    with next years 1st grade teacher for the next half hour, then
    we go into the gym right from there. We take time to practice
    with all of the kiddos together - the only time we can, and
    then at 10:30 we open the doors and invite parents and
    guests in for the 15 minute program. Kids go back to the
    room where parents need to sign them out. Parents are
    happy, kids are excited, and the firemen are glad we aren't
    exceeding capacity in my room with two groups of kids. It
    works for us!

    Good luck!