Re: How many hours a week do Kindergarten teachers work?

    I work ALOT of hours per week. I was a sped teacher and that
    was similar work hours (more paperwork in the evenings
    though). If you are having second thoughts about this then
    you should select a job that is more manageable and that you
    have more control over the working conditions. Being a
    teacher (seems like any grade) I don't feel that I have alot
    of control over my hours, evening committments, etc.

    On 6/15/16, Sherri wrote:
    > On 6/14/16, thinkthinkthink wrote:
    >> Hello!
    >> I need to make a serious decision please. I really want
    >> to become a Kindergarten teacher but always read
    > horror
    >> stories about teachers almost always working 60+ hours
    > per
    >> week. Unfortunately I have great caregiving
    > responsibilities
    >> in my family and that would be impossible for me to do.
    >> However I was wondering if Kindergarten teachers work
    > less
    >> hours? I mean TOTAL including grading, planning,
    >> parent/student meetings? Also, is it extremely hard to
    >> become ONLY A KINDER teacher because of
    > competition? Like
    >> would I need to always teach other grades too? I am
    > hoping
    >> to finish school to become a Kinder teacher and maybe
    >> substitute teach until I finally get a Kinder position. Do
    >> you think this is realistic?
    >> Thank you, I don't want to make a mistake pursuing this.
    >> I am in between this or just trying to work my way up in
    >> administrative type jobs as a career because I really
    > can't
    >> work over 40 hrs a week with my family situation. I really
    >> want to do this but I'm also afraid that pursuing this may
    >> take away from my husband's ability to go back to school
    > how
    >> much he would want to as well. Poor guy doesn't even
    > have is
    >> High School as he came from Mexico, he's been working
    > so so
    >> hard for us and I want to help him too. I'm thinking of
    >> waitressing weekends (I've done this many years and
    > make
    >> good money in tips) and going to school part time but I'm
    >> not sure if I should just get some full time
    >> entry job somewhere so he has more freedom for his
    > school?
    >> We also don't have health insurance right now so we'd
    > need
    >> to shell out lots for obama care...I feel very confused.
    >> Also with the economy right now I keep reading how
    > hard it
    >> is for new teachers to find work.. I'm hoping subbing
    > would
    >> help hold us off until I could get a Kindergarten
    > classroom.
    >> As far as limited hours I can work.. Thing is when we
    >> have kids (we don't have any but are almost 30 so I'm
    > trying
    >> to prepare) as far as hours devoted to caregiving it would
    >> be similar a single mom. My husband is wonderful but he
    > has
    >> made it clear that he is very traditional and would always
    >> be willing to provide for us completely (most likely he
    >> would work 60-80 hrs a week) but it's clear he would
    > leave
    >> almost everything else to me (all housework, child care,
    >> shopping etc etc). On top of that sometimes I need to
    > help
    >> my parents as they off and on get very ill, and I am their
    >> only child. I know if I was working over 40 hrs a week as
    > a
    >> mother I would go insane (I greatly respect and admire
    > moms
    >> who do this but I am not that skilled). I LOVE young
    >> children and I'm hoping Kindergarten wouldn't be more
    > than
    >> 40 hours full time or maybe I could even do 1/2 day?
    >> I'm sorry this is so long. It's just I'm SO torn as we
    >> agreed ABSOLUTELY NO student loans and have a very
    > limited
    >> income. Do you think I should pursue this or just start in
    > a
    >> clerical entry job somewhere and work my way up as
    > much as
    >> possible in hope that it would be enough (maybe
    > Executive
    >> Assistant or Senior Administrative Assistant in a
    > University
    >> thing?). I'm just scared that that may become a dead end
    > and
    >> then when we have kids it would be impossible for me to
    > back
    >> to school, so I feel like I NEED to make a decision now
    > or
    >> else.. I might sound entitled/ too picky but with our
    >> situation I honestly can't have a career that I would need
    >> to work a lot of overtime even bringing it home. I'd also
    >> love being a Preschool teacher but I don't think it would
    > be
    >> enough to live on. Help please from you wonderful
    > teachers?
    >> Thank you so much....
    > You sound like a sweet and giving person. But as a K and
    > 1st grade teacher for 8 years, you don't sound like you
    > have the time necessary to become a PRODUCTIVE
    > teacher. You would be cheating either yourself or the
    > students and neither can afford to be cheated. Might I
    > suggest that you become a paraprofessional until your life
    > settles and you can see more clearly.