Re: How do you set up your reading center

    I was always blessed to have rather large classrooms so I
    usually had a little sofa where 2 or 3 children could sit and
    sometimes I even had a couple added recliners (that I tied
    inside so they couldn't recline). The other children just sat
    on the floor or brought books to a table.(I usually had between
    24 - 30 students each year) I had a nice little throw rug in
    front of the sofa and a basket of books set off to the side.
    There would a nice print of a classic painting over the sofa to
    tie in the color. I didn't have access to Pinterest in those

    My bookshelves for all of my books were separate from the
    reading corner. I didn't use bins. I just taped a strip on the
    binding in different colors (green for science, blue for
    geography, brown for botany, red for fiction, yellow for
    cultural) and kept them sorted on the bookshelves like they are
    in libraries. Sometimes a child would "fix" any out of place
    books or we would do it together as a project. Overall, the
    children did a great job keeping the books organized. I only
    changed the books in the basket next to the sofa. Those would
    have some seasonal books or the ones I read to the class as a
    group. We had very few fiction books in our classroom. I kept
    the ones we had that did not have talking animals - only
    reality based as much as possible. The children would spend a
    great deal of time looking at pictures of the non fiction books
    especially those animal "dictionaries".

    If I used actual "readers" I kept them in a separate area. I
    wanted to be sure they were reading those books instead of just
    memorizing the text.

    I think your approach is very good and since it works so well
    for you, I wouldn't change a thing. I was an interior designer
    in my first career so I was strong in providing an inviting and
    classic environment just for children. To me as long as the
    children want to spend time in the area looking or reading
    books, then you have a nice reading center. I have seen such
    centers that were so over the top, that it looked like it was
    more to impress the adults then it was to support children's
    reading of books.

    I agree with Flacka - don't sweat it - your reading corner
    sounds like it is working just fine.