Re: need to know

    > What about their age?

    The individual states in the US set their kindergarten entrance
    standards. I can speak only of California "for sure".

    If a child will turn 5 between Sept. 2nd and Dec. 2nd, s/he is
    enrolled in "TK", or Transitional Kindergarten. The premise is
    that they will then spend 2 full years in kindergarten.

    A child who turns 5 before Sept. 2nd will be enrolled in
    regular Kindergarten, and will usually only spend a year in

    Our kindergarten day is full day. My maximum amount of students
    is 25, and I do not have another (paid) adult in my classroom
    unless a child is a mainstreamed special education student and
    his/her IEP requires an aide.

    Other states, like Missouri and Alaska, have an August date for
    turning 5.