Re: What does your school provide

    To finish up, our district has a policy that all old
    curriculum get sent to the District Office when we adopt and
    purchase a "new and improved" variety. We teachers, who have
    been around forever, send the TE's and student texts, as well
    as most of the worn out blackline masters. However, we keep:

    * Guided reading sets - I have them going back to whole
    * Big books - always helpful!
    * Math manipulatives - Unifix/SnapCube/Linking Cubes, pattern
    blocks, rainbow tiles, teddy bear counters, etc.
    * Science Lab equipment such as scales, thermometers, etc.

    This past spring, I cleaned out the room that I'd inherited
    in the fall of 2015. There were enough pattern blocks in the
    room to tile the entire library floor - I donated them to a
    fifth grade that was trying to do tessellations with nothing.
    I had enough snap cubes to build a room - I donated them to a
    4th grade classroom that wanted to do a Math project on
    measurement with them. I still have plenty to be able to
    teach my own kinders.

    To answer your other question: If the district owns
    something, or the school, it isn't yours to keep if you move
    to another district or even another school within the
    district. If you bought it, you put your name on it and it's
    yours. If PTA gives you a mini-grant to buy something, then
    you have to negotiate. (I bought a small boombox, $150, about
    14 years ago, and it died this summer. It was paid for half
    from PTA mini-grant and half from me personally. So I had to
    ask whose it was and how to dispose of it.)