Re: Gifted and Talented Kindergarten

    On 8/13/16, smithe147 wrote:
    > Hi everyone,
    > Just wondering if anyone has some advice on how to
    > stimulate potential Gifted and Talented students in
    > Kindergarten? They are fidgety and showing signs of
    > boredom during routine tasks such as morning routine,
    > where we talk about yesterday, today, tomorrow, and do
    > some counting, blending, talk about the weather etc. I
    > they are not challenged in some lessons like these. Does
    > anyone have some ideas for how to cater for their
    > TIA

    Have you considered assigning special roles, such as
    calendar person, morning message helper. I have taught
    preschool for many years and I allowed my brighter
    students to write part of the the morning message, lead a
    portion of calendar time, etc. Eventually, other students
    were eager to participate and get a chance... This
    motivated my students who were reluctant to write or pay
    attention during morning meeting.