Re: Gifted and Talented Kindergarten

    I have been wracking my brain for the name of the teacher who
    created a great calendar notebook that I used - Jessica Meacham.
    She used to teach K and has created some awesome resources.
    Google her name and I'm sure you will find some things you can use
    or adapt so you don't have to re-invent the wheel!

    On 8/15/16, smithe147 wrote:
    > Great ideas. You're right, open-ended is best for them.
    > I will try some of these ideas. Might make a booklet up for them.
    > Some of the others students might like to lead the class during
    > Morning routine. Thank you both!
    > On 8/14/16, Flacka wrote:
    >> They can do the same thing, only as Emeril says, "kick it up a
    >> notch". Have them keep a calendar notebook - give them a blank
    >> or mostly blank calendar and fill in the numbers for the month.
    > If
    >> they can read, have them fill out a daily question - how many
    >> Fridays are in the month, if today is (date) how many more days
    >> until (date, holiday, etc), how many school days this month,
    > etc.
    >> Have them keep a graph of the weather and answer questions
    >> about the graph. If you have a para, he/she can lead this group
    >> or can lead the whole group and you work with these kids. Give
    >> these kids more open ended ways to cover the same topics so
    >> that they have to think and problem-solve for the answers.
    >> On 8/13/16, Myrna wrote:
    >>> On 8/13/16, smithe147 wrote:
    >>>> Hi everyone,
    >>>> Just wondering if anyone has some advice on how to
    >>>> stimulate potential Gifted and Talented students in
    >>>> Kindergarten? They are fidgety and showing signs of
    >>>> boredom during routine tasks such as morning routine,
    >>>> where we talk about yesterday, today, tomorrow, and do
    >>>> some counting, blending, talk about the weather etc. I
    >>> know
    >>>> they are not challenged in some lessons like these. Does
    >>>> anyone have some ideas for how to cater for their
    >>> needs?
    >>>> TIA
    >>> Have you considered assigning special roles, such as
    >>> calendar person, morning message helper. I have taught
    >>> preschool for many years and I allowed my brighter
    >>> students to write part of the the morning message, lead a
    >>> portion of calendar time, etc. Eventually, other students
    >>> were eager to participate and get a chance... This
    >>> motivated my students who were reluctant to write or pay
    >>> attention during morning meeting.