Re: Should I worry yet?

    On 11/04/16, Elizabeth wrote:
    Donna, this is my 20th year teaching kindergarten and the
    first thing that should be done for this child is to rule out
    any visual impairments by having the parent take their child
    to a medical professional. It is also important to remember
    that kindergarten is very developmental and I would do
    interventions until January. In January, there is usually a
    light that goes on for those in the dark earlier and if it
    does go on, seek next steps. I am also curious to know what
    phonics program you are using for letter/sound
    correspondence. I am a huge advocate of Zoo Phonics for
    these young learners. It involves a total physical response
    (TPR) to learning that usually helps students who are not
    getting it any other way. As far as directionality goes,
    students, like the child you speak of, need visual anchors
    like placing an X marks the spot on their desk and then write
    the X on the top of the paper, so the student can match and
    know where each end of the paper or book belongs. But above
    all, trust your gut! As another teacher posted, we
    instinctively know when somethings not right, so trust those
    I hope this child finds his way and I am glad to see a
    concerned teacher reaching out to help a child... a reminder
    of what a great profession this is.
    > On 9/03/16, DonnaR/CA wrote:
    >> I have a little guy in my classroom who seems to have no
    >> sense of direction. When doing a Jack Hartmann video that
    >> was about Up, Down, side-to-side, even after the video
    > had
    >> been presented several times, he would go Down when Jack
    >> was doing Up (and pointing up).
    >> Then there's the written work. I will place a paper on
    > his
    >> desk in the right direction, he will turn it upside down.
    > I
    >> am continually coming by his desk and turning his book in
    >> the correct direction -- it's often upside down. (These
    > are
    >> picture books.)
    >> This is the first time I have encountered this type of
    >> thing in my 3 years of teaching K. Should I refer him to
    > an
    >> SIT (Student Intervention Team) for possible referral to
    >> SST (Student Study Team), or wait to see if it works
    > itself
    >> out?
    >> Donna