Re: Social Studies/Science Units

    On 9/10/16, Cindy wrote:
    > Does anyone do any fun units in Science or Social Studies
    > that they would like to share? I'm looking to make a few
    > changes in that area. Thanks so much for your input!

    In the Spring, I do a plant unit with my K's, though I
    don't think it's anything earth-shattering. I collect glass
    jars from parents during the year (pickles, spaghetti
    sauce, salsa and other acid-based foods come in glass
    jars). Then I have the kids put a few red kidney beans (the
    kind you buy at the grocery store in a little bag) inside
    paper towels, get the paper towels a little bit wet, and
    then put the jar in our windows. They get to watch the bean
    sprout. Of course that leads to the "parts of the plant"
    booklet that we do.

    We hatch chickens from eggs. True, last year we only got
    one chick, but it was exciting.

    I just started a unit on Sound, since I have a K/1 combo
    this year. Our first "experiment" was with wooden rulers,
    hanging 9" over the end of a table, holding the other 3"
    tightly onto the table, and pressing the open end. What
    sound does it make? What causes that sound? (Vibration.)
    Next one will be rubber band on a paper cup. I may get the
    glass jars out early and let the kids "play tunes" on them,
    towards the end of the unit. Admittedly this unit came from
    a book on Science units, not sure who the publisher was.

    As for social studies, we started with citizenship and will
    roll into community workers. I touch on history all year,
    every time there's a holiday that has a historical