Re: Dramatic play centers

    This is a good time for the teachers to: take anecdotal notes, ask
    the children open-ended thinking questions (tell me about.., what
    were you thinking when you built..., what do you think would
    happen if you..), extend a skill or activity that was taught in class,
    get to know the students on a personal level, engage in
    conversation with them, read a story to a small group, etc..

    What it is not: a break for the teacher.

    Ideally this time shouldn't be used for testing but ideal and reality
    aren't always the same thing.

    On 9/26/16, Jennifer Meadows wrote:
    > HI---I am a team lead to a new team and I am trying to help
    > my teachers understand what they need to be doing while our
    > kids are at what we call Big Centers. Big Centers consists
    > of dramatic play, art, reading and math/science areas. I
    > need advice...words of wisdom that I can impart to my team
    > to help them understand what they should be doing while
    > they are there...its not just a time to do nothing, talk on
    > your phone, etc. I want them understand they should be
    > making notes, talking with and to kids, watching and
    > observing. I thought having more input from other teachers
    > would be beneficial.