Re: Halloween Party

    On 10/15/16, MmB wrote:
    > What do you do for Halloween?

    Well, we aren't even allowed to call it "Halloween." We have to call it
    the "Harvest Festival" (that's a rant for another day!) But, we still
    have a costume parade. We do not allow kids to wear costumes to
    school. 95% of kids ride buses, so the principal doesn't want the bus
    drivers to have to deal with costume crazy kids. Our kid's put them on
    when they arrive. The parade is in the gym. The parents sit in the
    bleachers while the kids parade around the perimeter of the gym. We
    play spooky "Harvest Festival" music to make the parade more
    festive. We also do a school wide pumpkin decorating contest. Each
    child is permitted to decorate one small sized pumpkin. They decorate
    them at home. They aren't allowed to carve them, but can use
    feathers, stickers, paint, yarn etc... The pumpkin entries are
    outstanding and get better every year. Everyone in the school (kids
    and staff)votes for their favorite pumpkins in each grade level with
    pennies they bring from home. The winners on each grade level get
    a gift card donated by the PTO. The money we raise goes towards
    spring field trips. Last year I think we raised about $800. The
    pumpkin contest is a big hit.