Re: Sight Words

    On 10/16/16, Caitlin wrote:
    > Hi! I was wondering if someone could point me in a
    > direction of something, app or powerpoint to show my
    > children flashcards of our sight words. Basically, I

    I feel badly, that no one has any answers for you. I don't
    know of any app or powerpoint that allows you to do that,
    but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

    What I *have* found, though, are short YouTube videos for
    some of the more common K sight sords. Just search on
    YouTube for "sight word I", "sight word see", etc. You'll
    have to be picky because some of them are better than
    others. I have bookmarked "I", "see", "like", "can" and a
    few others.

    There are also some good ones on YouTube for color words,
    based on recordings, made by beeblebrox01, Andrew Cosmo,
    and Onlyinmysparetime. My kids love them!