Re: How to handle long afternoon & behavior issues?!

    I agree with having a music and movement brain break. Even a
    quick 1-2 min. break between subjects or reading groups will help.
    If it's math time, count to 100 as you take 100 steps or change up
    the activity with each 10 (10 jumping jacks, 10 steps, etc. as you
    keep counting). There are lots of learning CDs out there so even if
    admin walks in you are doing whatever you are supposed to be

    Another idea is to move play time back so it's a middle of the
    afternoon break instead of at the end of the day.

    On 11/13/16, Judy2/CA wrote:
    > Do you use music in your classroom? I just bought some
    > Hap Palmer CDs for my granddaughter. I used them in my
    > kinder classroom and the kids loved them. They involve
    > movement but do not get the kids "wound up. " The 2 I
    > especialled like (and ordered) are Learni g Basic Skilss
    > Through Music vol 1and 2. Also maybe time for story time
    > where kids can relax while you read. Use felt characters to
    > help tell the story. Pass out the Playdoh and let kids use
    > that for awhile. That's a long time to go without outdoor
    > play. Can you line everybody up and go for a walk around
    > campus? It's too bad schools often don't have a clue about
    > the needs of young children( not the teachers but the
    > admins).
    > On 11/13/16, Kat_Kong wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I am a 2nd year kinder teacher after having taught sped
    >> for several years. I really struggle with behavior in
    >> the afternoon. We aren't allowed another recess (besides
    >> lunch-recess from 11:00-11:45. By the afternoon
    >> (especially 2:00-3:30) the kids are simply nuts. I am
    >> contemplating a 'break' or 'relaxation time' in the
    >> afternoon for 10 minutes or so. They know we have
    >> Centers (play time) at 3:00 but many simply cannot hold
    >> it together the last hour or so. Any ideas? We don't do
    >> naps in Kinder at my school. Thanks!!!!