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Hi, I am a 2nd year kinder teacher after having taught sped for several years. I really struggle with behavior in the afternoon. We aren't allowed another recess (besides lunch-recess from 11:00-11:45. By the afternoon (especially 2:00-3:30) the kids are simply nuts. I am contemplating a 'break' or 'relaxation time' in the afternoon for 10 minutes or so. They know we have Centers (play time) at 3:00 but many simply cannot hold it together the last hour or so. Any ideas? We don't do naps in Kinder at my school. Thanks!!!!
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Amy K My kids eat lunch from 10:50 - 11:20 and our dismissal is at 3:00, so I know all about long afternoons with kinders. I have always had my play centers at the end of the day. This year, due to schedule changes I had to move the play time to earlier in the afternoon. I was so against this, but I actually love it! I wish I would have done this years a...See More
Nov 14, 2016
DonnaR/CA We also have a very long afternoon. To help, I break it up into smaller chunks. My afternoon looks like this:

Calendar and Number of the Day Brain break and movement videos (see below) iPads and Number centers 35 minutes writing Recess (10 minutes, which is only long enough for me to head for the bathroom) P.E. - walking, games or Spark ac...See More
Nov 16, 2016

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