Re: Suggestions/Tips for Fractions

    Start with with they know and build on this prior knowledge.
    They are usually most familiar with the terms and the concept
    when it comes to food - whole cookie, popsicle, sandwich, etc.
    I use real food whenever possible. When we move on to half I
    emphasize that it's 2 pieces that are the SAME size (we have all
    tried to "cheat" our sibs by breaking food into to very unequal
    pieces!). I think it is easier to demonstrate and practice with
    rectangles. Then I move on to quarters. For hands on I give
    them a strip of paper and have them fold the paper in have and
    cut on the fold line and they have 2 halves. Repeat for
    quarters. For one of the hands on activity I give them each a
    whole piece of bread and they spread on some grape jelly
    (everyone is totally involved when it's food), They then cut
    their bread in half with a plastic knife and push it back together
    so they can see that the 2 halves are a whole, Then they cut it
    into quarters and again put it back to see that it still equals a
    whole. They love eating their math activity at the end!

    Thirds is a little harder but I take a full sheet of paper and show
    them how to fold it in thirds. They can cut on the fold lines and
    put it together to make a whole.

    Dividing quantity into fractions is a bit harder for them but if
    you use small crackers or math counting bears etc. they can
    divide the items up on papers they have cut into half, quarter or
    thirds. Emphasize that each quantity must be equal.

    Hope this give you some ideas. I'm sure there are many more
    on TPT and on the internet.

    On 1/30/17, JTeach1 wrote:
    > I am currently completing a student teaching internship in a
    > a Kindergarten classroom, and we will be covering fractions i
    > in a few weeks. I know that fractions can be a difficult c
    > concept for some students to understand, so I'm seeking s
    > suggestions and strategies/tips that will help me as I p
    > prepare to teach fractions. Our unit will cover the basics i
    > including, 1 whole, 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4. Any suggestions for l
    > learning activities that seem to really interest students, w
    > while helping them to understand the concept of fractions. D
    > Do you focus on learning one specific fraction at a time? W
    > What would be your general plan for teaching the basic f
    > fractions over a two week period? Thanks in advance for any
    > tips or suggestions :)