Re: Dr.Seuss???

    "Horton Hears a Who" would lead to good discussions about
    how we treat other people, and listening to what others say.
    For a craft project you could have them make a headband with
    elephant ears to remind them to listen and hear what others are

    In reality, you can use Dr. Seuss across the board and use one
    of his books for every subject. We used to do that and it was a
    lot of fun for the kids and they were exposed to a number of his
    books. We incorporated math (counting, patterning, or
    addition depending on the book), writing - adding their own
    verse to "Green Eggs and Ham" as to where they would would
    read a book, "Cat in the Hat" - following directions, making
    good choices, not opening the door to strangers, reading - any
    book to talk about rhyming words and generating lists of
    rhyming words.

    On 2/25/17, JTeach1 wrote:
    > I'm student teaching in a Kindergarten classroom, and I
    > wanted know how I can integrate Dr.Seuss into my
    > Science/Social Studies block. I want to complete a
    > directed drawing activity & complete some crafts related
    > to the different books. Would reading a Dr.Seuss book
    > and completing a craft work as a lesson? How can I still
    > integrate information on Theodor Seuss Geisel
    > (Dr.Seuss) so that the lesson is more than just completing
    > a craft. Any ideas/suggestions on how to integrate Dr.
    > Seuss would be greatly appreciated!!!