Re: Dr.Seuss???

    On 2/25/17, Lulu wrote:
    > The Lorax is a great book to use to lead into discussions of
    > recycling, environmentalism, and global citizenship. The kids
    > create art from recycled goods, plant trees, make posters
    > encouraging recycling...
    > On 2/25/17, Flacka wrote:
    >> "Horton Hears a Who" would lead to good discussions
    >> how we treat other people, and listening to what others say.
    >> For a craft project you could have them make a headband
    >> elephant ears to remind them to listen and hear what
    others are
    >> saying.
    >> In reality, you can use Dr. Seuss across the board and use
    >> of his books for every subject. We used to do that and it
    was a
    >> lot of fun for the kids and they were exposed to a number of
    >> books. We incorporated math (counting, patterning, or
    >> addition depending on the book), writing - adding their own
    >> verse to "Green Eggs and Ham" as to where they would
    >> read a book, "Cat in the Hat" - following directions, making
    >> good choices, not opening the door to strangers, reading -
    >> book to talk about rhyming words and generating lists of
    >> rhyming words.
    >> On 2/25/17, JTeach1 wrote:
    >>> I'm student teaching in a Kindergarten classroom, and I
    >>> wanted know how I can integrate Dr.Seuss into my
    >>> Science/Social Studies block. I want to complete a
    >>> directed drawing activity & complete some crafts related
    >>> to the different books. Would reading a Dr.Seuss book
    >>> and completing a craft work as a lesson? How can I still
    >>> integrate information on Theodor Seuss Geisel
    >>> (Dr.Seuss) so that the lesson is more than just completing
    >>> a craft. Any ideas/suggestions on how to integrate Dr.
    >>> Seuss would be greatly appreciated!!!

    I did a science experiment last year after reading Bartholomew
    and the Oobleck.. The idea and resources came from
    Mrs.ricca at