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Re: Teaching Shortage Crock!!!
Paul D. Ghinger

    On 9/18/06, MOM wrote:
    > On 9/14/06, Paul Ghinger wrote:
    >> I have been trying desperately to apply for a teaching position
    >> in Arizona. My only sister who lives in Gilbert, Arizona is of
    >> ill health and needs my help. I have applied on line and have
    >> had only one successful interview by telephone. I am a
    > certified
    >> in NY as a Social Studies teacher for Middle School, Junior High
    >> School, and High School. If anyone out there can help me get
    >> into the Arizona school district, I would very much appreciate
    >> it. I would not mind driving. Thank you.
    > Have you gotten certified in AZ. if not you need to saw ad in
    > Gilbert charter school Wendy Noble 480-325-8950 charter schools
    > are OK to work at.I have submitted certification package. Tks for tip.