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I posted this over at the MS chatboard, but thought I could get more specific help here:

With our Language Arts curriculum, our students are required to do outside reading for class and be prepared to use that knowledge in class (they usually need to bring their novels to class also). But the majority of the kids are not reading or bringing their novels. For awhile I would supply them with a novel in class, but this quarter I've chosen not to do that because I could see they would just rely on me to their job. What creative things have you done in the past/current to get kids to read and bring their materials to class?

  • A. Hilyard Each kid who walks in with reading material (you choose what) gets a ticket. I choose one ticket at the end - that student gets a prize - sticker, eraser... something small. They don't care what... they just want to read! On 3/18/08, CMR w...See More
    Sep 5, 2008 report post
  • SD TEacher /blockquote> These comments have been helpful. As a second year teacher, one of the challenges has been to get stundents to read their novels. I did pick up a strategy from my master teacher during student teaching...give the students a readi...See More
    Mar 23, 2008 report post
  • CMR /blockquote> It's been very interesting to hear the varying sides to this issue. Thank you to those who, have provided suggestions. I would just like to say that I do think teaching responsibility is an issue that needs to be addressed. ...See More
    Mar 22, 2008 report post
  • RD with one more thought /blockquote> I was thinking also that Hatchet is a perfect forum for discussing and exploring the theme of 'responsibility'. After all, Brian is placed in a situation in which he is forced to assume responsibility for his entire exis...See More
    Mar 22, 2008 report post
  • J /blockquote> I can empathize with this issue completely. I have taught in the inner-city for 6 years now, and, while it doesn't breed responsibility, I supply the books and we read together in class. Am I enabling them? Yes. Are they learn...See More
    Mar 22, 2008 report post
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