Re: Robert Frost

    You could involve them by talking about how nature and our
    environment are important sources of inspiration for many,
    many poets. After reading and discussing Frost's poem, you
    could have them use the forest as inspiration for
    brainstorming images or ideas for their own poem or
    brainstorm their own experiences with nature that may later
    lead to a subject for a poem. Perhaps they can take pictures
    or collect artifacts (blades of grass, pebbles, leaves, etc.)
    for future inspiration as well....

    On 9/04/09, Kali wrote:
    > I'm a student and have to teach Robert Frost to my class.
    > I've already decided to take the class into the forest area
    > right outside the classroom because Robert Frost is known
    > by his poems about nature, but I'm having trouble figuring
    > out how to involve the class more. Any suggestions?