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    Re: GCU or WGU Online Teacher Cert Program
    Peggy Suffel

    On 3/20/09, Amanda wrote:
    > I am also considering GCU or Western Governors University. I
    > have started a program a Grad Cert program nearby, however,
    > it looks like we are moving to Denver and I need to find a
    > program that I can also do along side settling my family.
    > Any additional feedback on WGU is also appreciated.

    I am working on a Master Degree in Special Education at GCU. You
    take one class every 8 weeks. You read 1-2
    chapters,(Monday-Tuesday) post on discussion boards answering
    questions from the teacher and responding to other students,(Wed.)
    you turn in a 250 word journal over what you read(Friday) and a
    bigger project due Sunday night. Sometimes it is a report over
    what you read 1250 words or a collaborative project with some
    other student.Some assignments are submitted to an online
    portfolio so you can prove you are learning the standards required
    by your state....I am into my 6th class but I got my BA online
    from Ashford University, Clinton Ia., so I like online classes.(I
    added the days to show you how I try to do it). It is doible for a
    full-time working person.
    I considered WGU but they never got the Sp. Ed. portion put
    together. I hope this helps...PS..I am 55.