Re: Classroom Management

    On 11/26/12, Teachergirl1 wrote:
    > This is my first year at a Jr. High and I am having a lot
    > of trouble getting kids to stop talking and listen during
    > instruction. I have used lunch detention, calling parents
    > at times when it got REALLY bad. Are there any positive
    > reinforcements being used that help? I can get the class to
    > stop talking for a minute and then they start right up
    > again. HELP!
    I stop teaching at that point and just stand there until one
    of them notices and then shushes the others up. Sometimes it
    works and sometimes it doesn't.

    Can you buddy up with another teacher and send students to
    their room for a classroom time out? Sometimes I'll send a 6th
    grader to an 8th grade classroom for a bit. At least, the
    talker gets out and you can hopefully continue on.