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    Re: 12 ECE units

    I took my AMI training in Minnesota, they did not have an equivalent ECE
    credit for that. As for Loyola they only credit it I think when you
    apply during the time you are training. I live in California and here
    they still need 12 specific ECE units to be able to be cleared with
    Social Services. It you take them at a local community college it's
    interesting to find out the difference between Montessori and other schools.

    On 6/20/10, Dakota wrote:
    > Loyola University has an accredited AMI program that counts for
    > credit. According to their website it counts as 27 graduate credits.
    > programs/montessori/primary.aspx Hope that helps. On 6/20/10, rl
    > wrote:
    >> I think it may depend upon where you received your training, as
    >> well. My training was through a private course, but the units are
    >> transferable through a 4 year state college - if I want to pay for
    >> them. (At the cost of several thousands of dollars, I've decided
    >> not to transfer them. I believe if I transferred them, the
    >> college and state then considers the Montessori training to be
    >> equal to a Bachelors, if transfered). There is another college
    >> that offers a masters degree in Montessori that is recognized by
    >> the state.
    >> For me, it works out okay, because I already have more than enough
    >> ECE units through a community college, taken before I decided to
    >> learn about Montessori. I would speak to the director of the
    >> classes and see if they will allow you to attend anyway. Good
    >> luck to you.
    >> On 6/20/10, montmo wrote:
    >>> CM: It depends on what state you live in. I have my AMS
    >>> certification through a major university in my state, and the
    >>> state licensing agency refuses to recognize ANY of my work for
    >>> ece credits! I was so totally shocked but then, I guess I
    >>> should realize that Montessori is still not recognized as a
    >>> legit. Sometimes we Montessorians are so wrapped up in our own
    >>> little world that we forget how we are perceived by
    >>> the "outside of Montessori world".
    >>> On 6/19/10, CM wrote:
    >>>> Does anyone know how many ECE units AMI diploma is
    >>>> equivalent to. I want to take some courses like 'Staff
    >>>> Development and Supervision for Early Childhood Program'
    >>>> from the local community college and the basic requirement
    >>>> is 12 ECE units. Thanks..