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Does anyone know how many ECE units AMI diploma is equivalent to. I want to take some courses like 'Staff Development and Supervision for Early Childhood Program' from the local community college and the basic requirement is 12 ECE units. Thanks..
montmo CM: It depends on what state you live in. I have my AMS certification through a major university in my state, and the state licensing agency refuses to recognize ANY of my work for ece credits! I was so totally shocked but then, I guess I should realize that Montessori is still not recognized as a legit. Sometimes we Montessorians are so wrapped up...See More
Jun 20, 2010
rl I think it may depend upon where you received your training, as well. My training was through a private course, but the units are transferable through a 4 year state college - if I want to pay for them. (At the cost of several thousands of dollars, I've decided not to transfer them. I believe if I transferred them, the college and state then consid...See More
Jun 20, 2010
Dakota Loyola University has an accredited AMI program that counts for credit. According to their website it counts as 27 graduate credits. [link removed]..
Jun 20, 2010
may I took my AMI training in Minnesota, they did not have an equivalent ECE credit for that. As for Loyola they only credit it I think when you apply during the time you are training. I live in California and here they still need 12 specific ECE units to be able to be cleared with Social Services. It you take them at a local community college it's int...See More
Jul 8, 2010

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