Re: 1/2 Combo class, Paula!

    On 6/04/07, Alyssia wrote:
    > I will be teaching a 1/2 combo class this coming school year. This will
    > be a brand new change for our school. We are getting ready to send a
    > letter to the parents of the students who have been chosen for this
    > combo. Any suggestions on how to ease the parents nerves on their child
    > being in a 1/2 combo?I did some research into split grades (family groupings). Although these
    kinds of studies are inherently subjective there is evidence to show that
    all things being equal (teacher wants to be there, admin is supportive,
    group is heterogenous, among other things) there was no significant
    difference academically for the children in split vs. straight. HOWEVER,
    there was a significant difference socially - the kids in the split tended
    to display more positive social skills. Cool eh? I try to stear away
    from the whole 2's teaching 1's thing because some of the 2's parents get
    nervous , feel that their child will not be challenged etc. I emphasize
    the higher order skills involved in describing and or writing about what
    it is they think they know or have learned as a way of addressing it. Does
    that make sense - I am currently taking a break from reports and have had
    lots of caffeine. Have a great summer.

    PS my e-mail is off-line temporarily