Re: National Board for Professional Teachers

    On 2/27/13, kathy purdy wrote:
    > On 12/08/12, Courtney Lukasavitz wrote:
    >> On 11/26/12, tburr wrote:
    >>> Is there anyone out there going for their National Board
    >>> Certification?
    >> I am!
    > I am on my last chance. I did Take One! - scored 2,85. First
    > attemp at other 3 entries and assessments was 263. Redid Entry 1
    > and retook 2 assessments - 273. Beginning to think this is only
    > about the money (fees). At this point, I'm re-doing entry 1
    > again only because my district offers stipend for 10 years once
    > we achieve and I'm so pissed that I feel that finally getting it
    > is a necessary evil. I can't relate ANY of the scoring comments
    > to my entries. I truly wonder if they were even reviewed. Not
    > sure how buoyancy and learning basic survival skills aren't
    > relevant in an Aquatics course. Also can't understand how it's
    > not relevant to be able to i.d and use safety equip. The comment
    > said I didn't show how they were relevant - even though I must
    > have stated a bazillion times in the video and in the writing.
    > Now, I am trying to find a "relevant" cognitive concept and
    > skill. It's freakin' almost March (of course, not getting scored
    > till end of Nov doesn't help)and I'm still unsure where I'm
    > going. Made arrangements for someone to tape me 2 days next
    > week - but not sure what I'm going to teach.
    > Sorry if this is a downer for you, but it's reality. Came on
    > here looking to see if there were suggestions, to see where folks
    > had success, etc.

    I am trying my PE certification as well. My second chance. missed
    by a few points. Remember sections 1 and 3 is about you and how your
    teach based on your student's strengths and weaknesses. Also make
    sure you connect the dots from previous lessons you have taught them
    and link to the future. Note in your writing if you see a motor
    skill etc. that they should have mastered earlier/younger age and
    they still have trouble. I thought I was going to get it my first
    try as I worked my tail off. Read the directions carefully. like in
    entry 1 where you are teaching a motor skill with a cognitive
    component make sure you do not have the students engaged in game
    activity. I made a mistake on that. just present the skill,
    identify the cognitive piece with the skill, part 2 show small group
    practice of the skill where the students are shown working with one
    another, then part 3 is the recap or summary with all the students,
    again addressing the cognitive piece.

    I wish you the best. we just don't have that many pe teachers
    available to help on this project. best of luck JW