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Hello, my name is Jasmine. I have a project for Early Childhood Education class and we are to interview a preschool teacher and ask them to answer these following questions. Can you please answers these 15 questions in your perspective? Thank You.

1.Why do you consider yourself an early childhood professional and what does "professionalism" mean to you?

2.What attracted you to the early childhood field or caring for young children and why have you chosen to work with young children and their families?

3.Which teaching methods and strategies do you use most often, and who are the philosophers and theorists who have influenced your work?

4.What, if any, formal education do you have in this field? How do you continue to grow your skills and knowledge in working with young children?

5. How do you measure your own effectiveness in helping children achieve developmental and learning outcomes?

6.Do you feel your role as a professional has...See More

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