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    Re: Does your school roll over unused sick days?

    On 1/29/11, va wrote:
    > Our division allows unlimited accumulated sick leave and allows
    > accumulation of 6 personal days. If you have 6 unused personal
    > days, then your personal days roll into sick days. 12 month
    > employees have from 12-24 leave days, depending on years of
    > service to the division. These days may also be accumulated. We
    > had a sick has been suspended until the economy turns
    > around. Often, when a serious illness such as cancer,
    > members of the sick leave bank could transfer some of their days
    > to the sick employee's account so that he/she could
    still "have
    > a pay check and benefits" for the remainder of the year if that
    > person did not have enough days. We are a rural division of 5000
    > students and we really do pull together when tragedy strikes.
    > It's nice that we are able to accumulate time, although we do
    > not have a competitive pay out for unused leave

    We are allowed 5 days per school year for sick/personal leave.
    Unused days do not roll over. Our salary is "docked" for any days
    over 5. Exceptions are allowed for severe illness or for death in
    immediate family. These are reviewed on an individual basis by the
    head and board of trustees. We have no bank into which teachers may
    donate unused days for others.