Re: Novus Law School

    On 5/18/12, Ginny wrote:
    > I earned my JD from Novus Law School, it was awonderful
    > experience! I will be taking the Bar exam in DC later this
    > year. I don't understand why anyone would say it was a fake
    > school.
    I earned my JD from Novus as well. Now to be clear, you are
    not eligible to sit for the (DC) bar until you complete 26
    hours at an ABA approved law school. Please refer to the pdf
    document about State bar requirements and it clearly spells
    this out. Also, Novus spells this out as well. I can't
    complain about my experience at Novus and it may not be the
    traditional path but for those who do not aspire to work for a
    firm or practice full time, it is very much adequate