Re: incorporating technology into the social studies classro

    On 1/22/12, Amanda R. wrote:
    > I would like to design a research project for a high school
    > social studies classroom that has each student choose their
    > favorite person in history and compile research using
    > reliable sources on the internet. The second part of the
    > project would have students pick partners and interview each
    > other, with one person being the interviewer and the other
    > pretending to be the person they chose from history.
    > Students will have to use video cameras to film it and then
    > use Windows Movie Maker (or another movie maker program) to
    > put the video together as kind of like a talk show. I was
    > wondering if any one has done a project like this or have
    > used technology in their social studies classroom. Was it
    > successful and did students enjoy it?

    On 2/21/12, DonePO1 wrote:
    This is a wonderful idea to help your students understand what
    people in history went through as our country grew up. Being
    an actor and a member of the Screen Actors Guild this also
    sounds like a good exercise for your students to become these
    people in history. Make sure they do their research of the
    historical characters they are asked to portray. Which means
    they need to be able to speak from a somewhat informed
    viewpoint, and the more informed the better for your students.