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    Re: 12-1-1 classroom

    On 1/28/17, Teacherforlife wrote:
    > Hello Teachers,
    > I have a couple of questions regarding Special Education.
    > Is it legal for have 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade in a 12:1:1
    > class?
    > When a 12:1:1 Paraprofessional is absent, shouldn't there be

    > a substitute in her place?
    > Looking forward to your response.
    > Thank you

    I am in a high school, self-contained class, and I have all 4 gr
    grades in here. I know the middle schools combine grades al
    also. At least in my state, it would appear to be legal.

    Ah, the para/sub dilemma. My school has a very hard time
    getting subs, so even if one of my paras is lucky enough to
    get one, the office will pull them and send them to another
    class. Should there be a sub? Yes, I do believe there should
    be. Reality is something else, however. We can't very well
    drag subs in off the streets! When the economy was bad, it
    was a different story - people fought for any sub job. It's
    not like that now, at least in this metro area.