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    Re: Need help with FBA / BIP

    Just so you know I am not a teacher but I would like to share
    a personal story. I found that most FBA's that were done at my
    child's school weren't worth the paper they were written on.
    If they are not done correctly the BIP will not change the
    behavior. The root cause of the behavior is critical and we
    tend to think in our little boxes, not theirs.

    I have many stories but here is one.
    My son used to ride into the tires of other kids riding bikes
    knocking them down in many cases. He never meant to, it was an
    accident etc. Other parents were understandably getting upset.
    I also knew my child was telling the truth (something people
    tend to dismiss with our children,after all they saw the
    behavior) and I knew there had to be an underlying reason, so
    what is it.

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