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Casinos have elaborate methods of keeping tabs on card counters, you will not find this in the game of roulette on the They employ agencies that seek out and keep tabs on suspected card counters. Card counting is legal, but casinos are allowed to kick anyone out that they want, because they are privately owned. Casinos love the amateur gambler that will come to Vegas for the weekend and drop 500 dollars playing blackjack; they don't like the professional card counter that will win $10,000 in one night. So casinos make sure that their employees can recognize suspected card counters, and if one is seen, then they are escorted outside.

But what happens when a team of brilliant MIT students forms a card counting group? What happens when the people involved are not your typical hustlers?

Ben Mezrich examines these questions in his book, Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students who Took Vegas for Millions. During th...See More

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