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  • Rita I would love to see this all in action. I don't understand it at all. our distict is heading in this direction, but the teachers implementing it now have NO CLUE what to do!!! Obviously they did not do the eseach or inservice training. On ...See More
    Nov 22, 2010 report post
  • Head Monkey Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of schools have required their teachers to switch to standards-based without doing the necessary research and inservicing of staff. To be realistic, it took our staff almost 3 years to get our heads around this huge...See More
    Apr 5, 2009 report post
  • ny/5 This is just another one of those things in education where, theoretically, it may be a good idea; but because it is explained vaguely, at best, it's interpreted differently by all. Just look at all these posts! Some are transferring 1-4 to...See More
    Apr 5, 2009 report post
  • Teach I bought Harry K. Wong's book The First Day of School. In it he says that ongoing assessment is not graded. Adam Waxler and Tom Daly also talk about this. In our district four elementary schools are piloting SBRC. The middle school and high s...See More
    Apr 4, 2009 report post
  • L We also use the 1, 2, 3, 4 level system with our students. A level 3 is meeting the grade level expectation...and that is determined by the provincial (I'm in Canada) standards. In Grade 4, for example, students should be able to multiply 2 d...See More
    Apr 4, 2009 report post
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