Re: MAX!!!!! HELP!!!

    A couple of things could have happened ...1) Most likey ... they probably reduced the image and
    resaved it, but had the "quality" setting set too low.
    Most photo editors default the resolution quality to 75%.
    I usually set it at 100%, so there is no degradation of
    the photo. Have them check that setting.

    2) They may have converted it from .jpeg to .gif and then
    you (or they) changed it back to .jpeg (.jpg). GIF images
    only allow 256 colors, so it picks the closest colors if
    they don't exist in the pallet. When a photo it taken and
    saved as a JPEG (.jpeg or .jpg), keep the format the same.


    On 5/05/06, wizzlewolf wrote:
    > Hey Max!!!
    > I need your help here. I had a fellow artist send me the
    > link to a directory with a bunch of photos. ALL of them
    > look similar to this photo (below). What on earth is the
    > problem with this photo?? Why is there such weird patterns
    > and distress? They are all like this? I can't figure out
    > what she did or did not do to make these photos come out so
    > terribly.
    > Wuz up??
    > wizzlewolf