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Hey Max!!!
I need your help here. I had a fellow artist send me the
link to a directory with a bunch of photos. ALL of them
look similar to this photo (below). What on earth is the
problem with this photo?? Why is there such weird patterns
and distress? They are all like this? I can't figure out
what she did or did not do to make these photos come out so
Wuz up??
Max /blockquote>

A couple of things could have happened ...

1) Most likey ... they probably reduced the image and
resaved it, but had the "quality" setting set too low.
Most photo editors default the resolution quality to 75%.
I usually set it at 100%, so there is no degradation of
the photo. Have them check that settin...See More
May 7, 2006
wizzlewolf /blockquote>

Nope Max,
What you saw was what I got. I did nothing to the image at all.
I suspect they took the photo with a camera phone. (?????) Then
they screwed up the resolution by diddling with it.
I was just curious if you had a specific idea as to why the
photo looked so bizarre. She sent me a whole folder of ph...See More
May 10, 2006
Max /blockquote>

You're right ... you didn't do anything to the photos ...

The person that sent you the files saved them incorrectly,
either in a low quality mode, or exchanged formats and messed
up the color pallet.

Once they saved them wrong, they were ruined forever ...
nothing you can do to fix them.

...See More
May 10, 2006

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