Re: Website Question

    I think you sorta can ...By this, I mean you can "save-as" an HTML webpage and it saves
    everything locally on your hard-drive. What it does though,
    is create some directories and references a bunch of things
    locally to those directories. This makes it really cumbersome
    to upload into a webhost and make everything look good.

    I don't think they ever meant it to be used as a webpage editor.

    It's possible that your computer does have FrontPage Express ..
    which is used to create webpages, but not the full-blown
    FrontPage software. It's just to lure you into buying the
    whole thing.

    If you have no experience with HTML, or web design, then
    Dreamweaver is what you should be looking for.

    Otherwise, creating web pages is really so easy, you could
    hand-code everything using Notepad (simple text word processor).
    But, it all depends on your experience.

    On 6/18/06, dcraft wrote:
    > Can you make a website using Word? My new computer does
    > not have Publisher and I don't have Front Page at home. I
    > have been playing around with it today and it seems to be
    > workable. I haven't tried to upload it yet. Any
    > information would be helpful. Thanks so much.