Re: Uploading a Blog

    (This is meant to be helpful)- this type of question should
    first be asked of Kidzblog software support and/or post the
    question in their forum if they have one. You are likely to
    get better help from someone(s) who routinely answer these
    types of questions. If you do not get help from the company
    then it is time to look for help elsewhere and also consider
    another bolg software/service where support is good.hth ~megan

    On 6/25/06, Jamie wrote:
    > I am a NOVICE! I purchased a domain name and a webpage
    > host. I am attempting to upload some blog entries I made
    > using KidzBlog software. It ask for FTP host, port, path,
    > and url. What info is wanted for "path"? I don't have that
    > magic touch.
    > Jamie