Re: Free Dreamweaver Lesson Plans?

    On 11/02/06, Pogo wrote:
    > Anyone have any sites in mind I can go to and look at their
    > lesson plans? Thanks in advance. :o)I teach IT in the UK and have put a number of resources on my
    website - please use the following link.

    Feel free to use anything that you feel may be of use.
    I do have a module of work that I created on the use of
    Dreamweaver, but I did not post it on my website as it is
    very specific to our internal network and how we set up
    eportfolios. There are however some basic Captivate shows on
    the use of Dreamweaver.
    Please give them time to load - some of them are big.

    ALso - I have built the Captivate shows to a size where you
    can set up the screen with the Captivate show on the left
    hand side and have Dreamweaver running on the right hand side.

    Hope this helps - I realise that it may not exactly fit the
    bill as I teach in the UK but there may be something you can