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I've redesigned my website...again...LOL! I used
Frontpage. My host is Total Choice Hosting. Tell me what
you think. P.S. I'm never going to learn all of that HTML
stuff...so don't even say it...:o)
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Raven /blockquote>

On 12/29/06, Max wrote:
> On a 17inch large monitor it looks OK with Firefox. The problem
> is when the screen width is squeezed down, things go bad. I'm
> guessing this is a FrontPage issue with widths.

I'm using a 19" flat screen with 1280X1024 resolution with
Firefox. The width isn't squeez...See More
Dec 29, 2006
Jean Bullock /blockquote>

Mae, I would get rid of that border background image. It works OK on small
screens but it shows up twice on larger screens and looks bad. You have to use
images that are designed for big screens. The other thing is to center your tables
and frames. You are using variable width and that is good but it would be be...See More
Dec 29, 2006
Pogo /blockquote>

Maybe you have corrected by now but it looks fine with Firefox
to me.
Jan 10, 2007
Raven /blockquote>

On 1/10/07, Pogo wrote:
> Maybe you have corrected by now but it looks fine with Firefox
> to me.

Not to me. The title and green vines are all the way to the
right, overlapping the black/grey columns. Mainly because of bad
HTML and lots of   in the code (spaces). The table doesn't
overlap...See More
Jan 12, 2007
Mae in Texas /blockquote>

It's all in FP, and it looks fine and centered in Internet
Explorer. I don't know how to make it look right for all the
different IPs. Mae
Jan 15, 2007

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