Re: My page looks wrong in IE7 -- Please help

    Part of the problem is that IE7 handles float elements and
    most CSS elements differently than all other browsers.
    Microsoft would rather people only used their browsers and
    their css elements, rather than using the standards produced
    for all browsers and users.I had similar problems with some of my pages. I used clear
    float to clear the elements that were not needed, and also had
    to use several "IE css hacks" that were made to get around IE
    problems. Each hack is specific to which IE code is breaking.
    I had to search on google A LOT to find pages where
    programmers had figured out and posted the hacks. They're not
    real C++ programming or anything, just css and sometimes php
    work arounds.

    I'll see if I can find what I used (they were old sites I've
    redesigned so I'll have to search through my old archived
    code) later for you, but I suggest you go search on google
    some as well. If nothing else, it will teach you more about
    the IE CSS problems and how they are being fixed.