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Hi, I'm a newbie to CSS. I've coded my own CSS & XHTML and
it looks great in Firefox 2 and IE6. When I view it in IE7,
my photos seem to disappear. I have the photos floated left
of the text. If I "unfloat" them, they're okay in IE7, but
they look much better floated left.

My CSS & XHTML code validates at w3.org.

I've been searching the web for days for help with this
problem. I've posted in other web development forums, and no
one will help me! I'm so discouraged.

Please help, I'm ready to start whining, LOL.
Here's a link to my CSS code:
[link removed]:
Raven /blockquote>

Part of the problem is that IE7 handles float elements and
most CSS elements differently than all other browsers.
Microsoft would rather people only used their browsers and
their css elements, rather than using the standards produced
for all browsers and users.

I had similar problems with some of my pag...See More
Jun 3, 2007
Max ...See More
Jun 5, 2007
Karen /blockquote>

Thanks both of you for your help. I searched Google and finally
came up with another person who had the same problem. For
whatever crazy reason, undoing the italics on the smaller header
(h3) fixes the problem in IE7.

I'll also try the transitional doc type to see what happens.
Jun 12, 2007

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