Re: How do you take out the white background on some graphic

    I think you're talking about transparent colors.With a .gif or .png type of image, you select one color to
    be the transparent color, so that any background under the
    image shows through wherever that transparent color appears.

    Example, on this site:

    The top logo and title is a .gif image with a transparent
    color of white ... so the tan background shines through
    anything that's white. The actual image is rectangular and
    the background is pure white.

    With a photo editor, or graphic image editor, you will see
    the terms "transparent color" associated with .gif or .png
    type images.

    What's the difference between .gif and .png?

    When .gif was first used, it was proprietary. Other graphic
    editors couldn't use .gif, so they developed the .png type.
    .png actually supports more colors than .gif originally did.
    Now, .gif can be used by anyone and it has the added feature
    of being able to combine for "animation". The "purist" in
    graphics would always use .png type, but people of habit like
    .gif images, and in most cases, are the most compact in size.

    If you can give us a link to your site that has the graphics,
    I can grab it and convert, showing you an example.

    Keep in mind that converting .jpeg (.jpg) to .gif will cause
    some color loss, because .gif can't support as many colors
    as .jpg --- if that's an issue, try converting .jpg to .png


    On 7/21/07, Vir wrote:
    > The graphics are stored at my website host. I use html
    > codes to post the graphics. Some have a white background
    > (which works fine IF you are using a white
    > background...but I don't).
    > I know you can add border=0 but that usually does not
    > work. What else can we do?
    > Thanks so much!