Re: Microsoft Frontpage 2003

    "I asked if it was compatible to Frontpage 2007? I was told
    "No"...Is there a web editor that I can use that is
    compatible with Frontpage 2003 that is still on the market?"MS has done us all a favor and pulled FP off of the shelves.
    I cringe everday I have to go between FP and Dreamweaver to
    'publish' pages...FP can't do a simple FTP upload.

    The replacement is Microsoft Expresson Web. This is not FP in
    a different skin, but a completely different animal. You can
    get an upgrade from FP for $99. The interface is different
    from FP--it is very much like the RAD of the MS Visual
    Suites, and playing with the various attributes is like
    playing with objects in OO programming.

    MS is trying to play the compliancy game with this one, and
    if they pull it off then they will be up there with
    Dreamweaver. MS has a tough road ahead, but at least they are
    building a respectible development environment for the web.
    One thing MEW will do that DW can't, is work almost
    seamlessly with MS Visual .Net apps.

    The folks at the store were correct, there is nothing
    compatible with FP 2003.

    The link below will take you to MS where you can download a

    Download Expression Web