Re: how do I get my domain site back and working

    Heather:From what I am reading here and from what I can glean from
    their web site, evidently isn't being very proactive
    in assisting customers like yourself who were (or may have
    been) scammed by one of enom's original domain resellers. That
    is why I would go out and get a new registrar ASAP, one whose
    primary business is being a registrar and/or a host, NOT whose
    primary business is (or appears to be) reselling domains to
    other companies. "Once burned is twice warned" as the old
    adage says.


    > Heather:
    > The people you want to contact are at Enom is the
    > company that Avid actually bought the domain names through.
    > You basically have to show them documentation that the name
    > actually yours. This could be bills, emails, etc - just
    > something that shows YOU bought the domain.
    > HOPEFULLY you have your web 'stuff' somewhere safe, like your
    > own computer or your web designer or whatever. If not you're
    > probably SOL.
    > Good Luck