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Help, So I was pretty much scammed out of my website. I have been with Avid hosting for over a year and now they are gone and so is my website. I am so computer illiterate . Can anyone help me out on how to get my website up and going? I already paid for my domain through them. Do I need to go and submit a new site?? I have all my business cards with my website on them and now have no website to go to. Help!!! I don't know wwhat to do. Heathe
  • Steve /blockquote> Heather:From what I am reading here and from what I can glean from their web site, Enom.com evidently isn't being very proactive in assisting customers like yourself who were (or may have been) scammed by one of enom's or...See More
    Dec 3, 2007 report post
  • Jim /blockquote> Heather:The people you want to contact are at enom.com. Enom is thecompany that Avid actually bought the domain names through. You basically have to show them documentation that the name isactually yours. This could be bills, ema...See More
    Dec 3, 2007 report post
  • Steve /blockquote> More info about transferring a domain to a new registrar (e.g., Dotster)> I failed to note that you will need an authorization code from the current registrar to effect a transfer to a new registrar. Most domain registrars, incl...See More
    Dec 2, 2007 report post
  • Steve /blockquote> Heather:Step 1: Go to the Network Solutions web site and search for the owner (which shoule be you) and the ICANN registrar for your lost domain, e.g., foobar.com (I believe the new ICANN registrar for that failed Avid outfit is n...See More
    Dec 2, 2007 report post

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