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I am voting for a friend on the site posted. (It is a site for Super Bowl tickets... with fans competing with video clips). I just want to know if someone can program their computer to keep accessing the web site and recording votes without having to manually do it. I'm not interested in knowing how it's done... just if it is possible. I'm not interested in wasting my time if someone can program a computer to register votes nonstop 24 - 7. Thanks for your expertise!
megan Is it possible? yes - People can do and do do all kinds of things - the real question is how is the website voting set up behind the scenes - the website might set cookies or record ip addresses of those voting to try and prevent such things from happening or to flag admin if it looks like abuse is occurring from a certain ip - While I try to be sm...See More
Dec 28, 2008
K. Fair Thanks! From conversations about programming (overheard) it seemed that it could be done. I agree with you. I have continued to vote. I wasn't able to post the URL, but if you are interested at all... you could google: "NFL Super Fans That's how I see it". I am trying to support a teacher.... Kellie Nyman, who has a website that so many educators h...See More
Dec 29, 2008

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